Are you looking for a more permanent way to replace missing teeth? Concerned about the potential loss of jawbone density associated with traditional tooth replacement options? Are you ready to throw your dentures across the room next time they slip and slide at the most inopportune time?  Our team suggests dental implant supported tooth replacement.

Patients who are edentulous, without teeth, experience a number of disadvantages as a result of their tooth loss including poor dietary health due to diminished chewing ability, loss of jawbone density, and sagging or wrinkling facial structure. These issues all have the same source. Traditional dentures do not restore the root structures of teeth making them less stable and leading to decreased jawbone density and gum tissue volume over time. Dental implant supported restorations provide the necessary structure and stimulation to anchor prosthetics and stimulate the jawbone and gum tissue preserving facial shape and oral health.




Many patients have been told that they aren’t good candidates for dental implant supported tooth replacement due to the loss of supportive jawbone tissue, but thanks to the innovative All-on-Four implant process, their chances for success are better than ever before. Using just four dental implants, we are able to support a full arch of replacement teeth with a minimum number of implants angled from the front part of the jawbone that is naturally denser offering ample support.


The most natural looking and feeling implant supported tooth replacement option, screw retained hybrid prosthesis are connected to the natural gum line and cannot be removed by the patient. These implant supported hybrids are screwed into position for optimal comfort and support.


Depending on the size and shape of the jawbone, we utilize between two and six dental implants to support a full arch of replacement teeth set into a lightweight gum-colored base. These restorations are similar in appearance to dentures, but the base is thinner and made of a lighter material. This option is more comfortable and stable than traditional dentures.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants

For those patients with numerous oral health concerns, we may recommend a full mouth reconstruction plan. This plan could include any number of restorative dentistry treatments including fillings, crowns, and implant supported bridges, partials and dentures. When we include implant retained prosthetics as part of full mouth reconstruction, we may recommend a simplified version using just four implant posts to support a full arch tooth replacement. This allows patients to enjoy optimal comfort and stability while minimizing the impact of surgical care.